We are proposing a simple and necessary improvement of the electronic transaction system as originally envisioned by Satoshi.

Moving forward, Bitcoin LC will maintain an ethical and sustainable system of peer-to-peer networks using PoW to record a public history of transactions while improving the prevention of double-spend attacks.

Nodes and miners will be required to use renewable energy and comply with an ethical framework. Public and institutional preference for bitcoin with these verifiable attributes will promote the progressive migration away from high carbon Bitcoin Core mining operations in favor of the more sustainable Bitcoin LC.

Miners proposing a block without a valid ethical and environmental certificate would be rejected.

Some have been proposing to buy and accumulate Bitcoin Core coins from miners that only use renewable energy, but this is not realistic as the Merkle tree containing transaction data will continue on the chain and will continue to be minted by miners using non-renewable carbon-based sources.

By bringing Bitcoin Core block header hashes into Bitcoin LC blocks, the PoW is increased exponentially and prevents attackers from using increasing hash power concentration or even quantum computing to launch an attack.